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On behalf of Chicago Lodge 3 of ISMA, I would like to take a moment to welcome you to our organization. We appreciate your interest in adding your voice and actions to creating a safer and more informed waterway here in Chicago. We look forward to hearing your opinions and seeing you get involved in our discussions and as part of our missions.

The final step in the process now is for you to submit your payment of $75.00 which will cover your first year of membership, plus a $5 initiation fee.

Our preferred method of payment is through Zelle where we can be found at

You can also write a check to us made payable to ISMA Chicago Lodge 3 and mail that to:

ISMA - Chicago Lodge 3

c/o Marwedel, Minnichello, & Reeb

303 W. Madison Street, Suite  1100
Chicago, IL 60606

And finally, you can make payment through our PayPal using the following button. There will be a $3 convenience fee applied to this payment. You do not have to login into PayPal to make a payment. When the new page pops up for payment simply click bottom that is labeled Pay with Debit or Credit Card to skip login process.

Once your payment has been received you will hear from our secretary/treasurer Capt Kelli Kovach with your membership pennant number and information on your name badge.

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