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Lodge 3 
Committee Structure

Below you will find a layout of our current committee structure. These committees are where you can devote some of your time to help us to accomplish our goals as a lodge.

If you see a committee of interest, please let us know via email or at the next meeting.

Membership & Outreach

Chair - Tom Blakely

New Membership

Lead - Marko Lucht

In charge of our intake process for new membership applications

Website & Social Media

Lead - Tom Blakely Members - Albert Bartkus, Jordan Dingle, and David Wilson

In charg of maintaining our website and social media platforms

Cadet Program

Lead - Tom Blakely Members - Ryan Murphy and Rosalie Johnson

In charge of developing out recruitment for cadets and in developing/executing workshops to help develop maritime knowledge and skills


Chair - Larry Woods

Budget Committee

Lead - Larry Woods Member - Treasurer

In charge of setting an annual budget each year to be approved by the board.

Audit Committee

Lead - Bob Hansen

In charge of auditing our financial records at year end

Fundraising Committee

Lead - Mark Nowell-Philipp Members - Ryan Murphy, Tim Roche

In charge of organizing and running fundraising efforts to allow us to continue our nonprofit missions

Safety & Navigation

CHSC Representative

Lead - Ray Novak

Represents Lodge 3 membership on the board of CHSC

Event Committee

Chair - Not yet designated

Maritime Industry Day  - Lead - Tom Blakely

National Maritime Day & Blessing of the Fleet - Co-Leads - Tom Blakely & Eric Halvorsen

Captain Summit - Lead - Gabe Argumedo

Scholarship Fundraiser - Lead - Gabe Argumedo

Members - Tim Roche, Diamond Gibbs, Ernie Howard, Albert Bartkus, Attia Gray, & Kitten Gray

Mission Committee

Chair - Tom Blakely

Scholarship Committee

Lead - Immediate Past President Members - Board Members

In charge of awarding scholarships for maritime licensing

Steering Committee

Lead - Tom Blakely

In charge of developing goals and strategy to aid in the continued growth and development of Lodge 3.

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